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 Fluid Hose has expanded on their line of PetroDEF™ fittings to now include hose as well! We've made it easier for you to understand what end connection you need to replace your existing products and what hose is best suited for the application!

PetroDEF™ Hose

petrodef hose.png

• Peroxide cured EPDM rubber tube
• Textile braided reinforcement
• Branded “DEF”
• Satisfies standard

PetroDEF™ Fittings

petrodef fittings.png

• 3/4” Male NPT or BSPP solid or swivels
• 3/4” and 1” female BSPP
• 2piece “inter-locked” crimp & Reusable
• 304 Stainless Steel
• Peroxide cured EPDM O-rings
• Grooved Ferrules

PetroDEF™  Hose

 Your Durable Diesel Exhaust Fluid connections solved!

PetroDEF™  Hose

Please contact us to request a quote on PetroDEF™ connections; see the brochure below.

PetroDEF brochure.jpg
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