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PetroFit has the most complete range of connections & methods of hose attachments available!

Main PetroFit Features:

PetroThrust alone.PNG
  • Introducing our exclusive PetroThrust swivel design

  • Highest pull strength available and exceeds UL standard by 2x the requirement! 

  • Promotes use of the a "breakaway" fitting for safety (vs a crimped hose end pull-off)

PetroThrust alone 2.PNG
  • Two piece crimp design (crimp spec comes with orders)

  • Crimp ferrule interlocks to insert fitting

  • Laser etching is available (MOQ requirement)

 The most reliable UL certified Gasoline and DEF dispensing hose connections on the market.


Why PetroFit is right for your application:

  • Crimp specification available for all major hose brands.

  • All hose terminations available (Crimp, Field Attachable, Swaged)

  • All field attachable and swaged parts are chrome-plated brass

  • Can be used for off-road fueling of vehicles without UL requirements

  • Fabulous solution for non fuel, low pressure liquid application (water, etc)

Please contact us to request a quote on PetroFit™ connections; see the brochure below.

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