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​Hoses are frequently exposed to the ground during cleaning. 

Plan smart! Make Microban® part of your operational requirement! 

Microban® Antimicrobial Hose

Experience an added level of protection that helps boost product safety while guarding against hose degradation and contamination from the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Microban® antibacterial technology has dramatic effects on the growth of microbes:

You can see the difference!


Hoses with Microban® :

Food & Beverage Processing Hose

  • Extremeflex Red

    • FDA & 3A Approved with Microban® cover 

    • Maximum temperature: 220 F / 104 C

    • Flexible and easy to handle

Low Pressure Food Washdown Hose - The "Splash Zone"

  • Blue Fortress 300 (Oil Resistant)​

  • Sani-Wash Supreme 300 (Non-Oil Resistant)

    • FDA Approved with Microban® 

    • Maximum temperatures: 210 F / 99 C

    • Maximum pressure: 300psi

High Pressure Washdown Hose

  • Fortress 3000

    • FDA Approved with Microban® 

    • Oil and Abrasion Resistant Cover

    • Maximum temperatures: 210 F / 99 C

    • Maximum pressure: 3000psi

Please contact us to request a quote on Microban Hoses & Assemblies; see the brochure below.

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