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The Ank

Pocket-sized Sanitary Tool for Opening Doors, Using Payment Terminals, Buttons, and More!

As we begin returning to work and public areas, it is important to be aware of hotspots for bacteria and viruses in our environments.

Studies have detected coronaviruses on doorknobs, elevator buttons, toilet handles, and many more surfaces in businesses, hospitals and apartments.


Also, indoor surfaces are riskier than outdoor, because the UV radiation in sunlight can kill viruses and bacteria.


That's we've decided to start offering The Ank, a self-disinfecting tool, exclusively at Fluid Hose & Coupling.


It is a device to open doors and use buttons while maintaining sterile hands and clothing.


People are our most important resource, 

let's be proactive and protect them.

  • Made of brass, which is proven to kill superbugs and viruses. 

  • Reduces contact with common contaminated surfaces - open doors, use ATMs!

  • Don't leave your health to chance - use the Ank to avoid contamination!

  • Portable, and easy to use.

  • Aesthetically pleasing, slim design.

  • Durable brass construction won't deform.


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